The Reality Coach, 2020

Keywords: mind and matter, other minds, inner reality, outer reality, coaching

The Reality Coach cards are a tool to inspire and guide thoughts to enable change. The first volume comprises 24 cards featuring hand-drawn original illustrations. A guidebook accompanies the cards with everything you need to know to read them.


REality Coach Cards&book

How to use them:

You can use the Reality Coach deck in a variety of different ways. The cards are designed to bridge our inner and outer realities; helping you to search within to imagine possibilities for change in the wider world. They use metaphors to prompt thought and create space, giving you the means to consider options and providing oxygen for your creative sparks. They will challenge you to see beyond normalisations and to escape the limits of well-worn thought patterns.

What’s different about the cards:

The cards reflect the play between the inner mind and outer world. As the internal mind-scape changes, can we gain new perspectives to transform the external world? Can we harness the power of our minds; imagining, then creating, alternative possibilities to meet ever shifting global challenges?

Origin of the cards:

The system behind the Reality Coach was three years in the making. Wide-ranging influences shape the system, including the study of other species (especially octopus and whales), neuroscience, design, storytelling, folklore, cartomancy, coaching and futurology practice.

To use this tool effectively ‘stay with the trouble’, as feminist theorist Donna Harroway would urge us. If the cards deal you a difficult set of circumstances, sit with them, remain open and curious and reflect on what could be.

Even what first appears mundane or unimportant could reveal world-changing insights.

So shuffle the deck, stretch your mind wide open and deal yourself new worlds and ways of thinking.

Use these cards to unlock the endless potential of your imagination.

Share your journey to send ripples into the world to shift and shape realities.

The world is waiting to embrace your discoveries.


REality Coach Cards&book

About Volume 1: Loom

Our sense of reality relies on an expanse of connections. Imagine a loom weaving threads of ideas and actions into the fabric of our reality. These threads can unravel and be re-woven into new formations. The study of neuroplasticity shows us that our brains can rewire themselves by the things we think. How amazing is that? We are continually participating in a powerful feedback loop; our inner minds shape our outer world, our outer world affects our inner minds, and so the cycle continues. Mostly we ricochet through our lives, unaware of this play between mind and environment. Burton Nitta find this endlessly curious.

For ill or gain, the things we imagine can be born into the world with dramatic consequences. On a personal level, our mind set influences how we relate to others and our environment. In the external world, toxic politics, social inequality, climate change, and mass extinction are the manifestations of past mind frames. We can unpick these, make changes and mesh other possibilities. It starts with ideas, imagination, and empowering voices. Minds shape our plans and intentions; actions shape the reality we experience. If we can be our best selves, our most resourceful, our most fantastic, surely from this place we can imagine our most fantastic worlds and realities?

The Reality Coach is not a fortune teller - it will not tell you the future. But it is an invitation to journey through your imagination to a place where you can realise new realities; realities that will change the future.

It is acting upon the ideas generated by the cards that change fortunes and not the predictions themselves.


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The Reality Coach by Burton Nitta (Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta)

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