Altered Ways of Being, 2019

See with the skin, smell with suckers, change colour for social interactions and sense the world with a brain distributed across the body.

These abilities possessed by an octopus shape a mind that is possibly one of the most different non-human forms of intelligence to our own.

Altered Ways of Being takes inspiration from the octopus to reveal links between our own human body and mind.

The systems created in the work adapt our bodies to ask: by attempting to feel and experience the octopus, can we gain insights into our mind? How do minds and matter relate to each other? If we change our body with technology, how might our mind also change?






Altered Ways of Being


Burton Nitta


In collaboration with:


Jack Churchill

VR producer



Supported by






13 December - 26 January

VR installation for

OktoLab 19 gallery of octpus aesthetics, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Australia 




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