Republic of Salivation, 2011

What new Cultural Revolution will replace agriculture and how will our species and civilisation will be transformed?

The Republic of Salivation starts with the food shortages and famine we will face in the future. Governments will be forced to ration food through restricted food policies to ensure that everyone is fed and to control social unrest. It creates a future where inhabitants of the city are allocated a quota of food according to their employment.

The type of food they receive is carefully designed to the emotional, intellectual and physical demands of their job.




Republic of Salivation explores an industrial worker’s diet that is largely designed on modified starch, enabling the body to work for longer on fewer nutrients.

A box of starch food supplies. Such a provision
is sent every two weeks by the Government directly to citizens.

A dinner table with a Starch block meal provided by the Government.


The living unit of an industrial worker who lives in The Republic of Salivation. (Stroom Den Haag, the Netherlands 2012)

Front room

Floorplan of the worker's living unit




Underground pleasures in reaction to a culture of rationing

Alongside exploring the possibility of a government controlled food supply, the piece also investigates the biological reaction to a mono-diet.

The scientific study of nutrigenomics has found that the more starch we eat (such as through bread or potatoes), the more enzyme called Amylase to convert starch to sugar, is found in saliva.

The worker in the scenario presented at Stroom, uses the advantage of a high starch diet to allow him to create alcohol illegally from his increased saliva production.

The amylase enzyme found in saliva being used in industrial alcohol production to create sugar from starch to feed yeast.

In search of pleasure within the strict food regime, this person has developed a distillery to produce alcohol from his saliva & starch blocks.
To encourage more salivation to produce alcohol, he uses food porn featuring fantasy meals that have become a thing of the past in this period of food shortage.




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The Feast After Agri


Republic of Salivation is a part of the bigger project After Agri, an investigation into future evolutions to our food systems.

After Agri reflects the rich tapestry of how food has shaped human evolution, cultures and environments. The project draws on varied areas of science, from nutrigenomics to geophysics, to give an insight into how the body and city has naturally developed to our most basic and primal need – eat and survive. Based on this research, it looks into a future of how humans might re-design their relationship with fuelling the body through physical enhancements and redesigning culture. To bring these scenarios to life, we create pieces featuring a feast after agriculture, using filmic storytelling, graphics, animation, designed artefacts, costume and performance. It features artefacts and designed systems from each of the scenarios below and diagrammatic maps of the food cultures in the future.




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