Food Fictions

Food Fictions, 2017

Keywords: food porn, food and image, lunar potato, de-extinction meat, Stellar sea cow, vegan bodybuilding, exhibition, interactive performance

Food Fictions investigates our evolving relationship to what we eat, particularly in the social media and digital technology era.

Images of food can have surprisingly strong effects on us and our resulting behaviour. After all, we are reminded by Professor Charles Spence, from the University of Oxford that “ we have evolved to find sources of nutrition in food-scarce environments.”

So should we be more aware of how our sophisticated and subliminal sense around food imagery could have biological effects such as higher BMI or be used to influence our behaviour from politics to identity formation?


Course1: Food Porn
Works create a dining Experience performance to explore the potential effects of sharing images of food on social media and the ways food in the future might evolve in unexpected directions as a result.


Course2: Lunar Potato
Fresh from the space elevator, Maggie May’s moon potatoes whipped into these mouthwatering Lunar Cycles.


Course3: Vegan Bodybuilding
More than food, this is a way of life. Get the results you want with humane eating and the perfect workout. Share your success. Inspire to eat clean.


Course4: Stellar's Meat
Back from extinction, this supreme joint of Stellar's sea cow - the tastiest meat you will ever savour!


Food Fictions is a collaboration between King's College London's Department of Geography and Somerset House Studios residents Burton Nitta, brokered and supported by the Cultural Institute at King's in partnership with Somerset House Studios.


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Food Fictions by Burton Nitta (Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta)

In collaboration with

Dr Christine Barnes: Teaching Fellow, Department of Geography, King's College London, __Gemma Layton: Host of Food Fictions dining experience: Actor/ moderator, __Stellar's sea cow explained by Dr. Chris Manias: Lecturer in the History of Science & Technology, King's College London, __
Ondrej Matej
: Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Aikido instructor
, Creator of Omni superfood, ( (


Supported by

Arts in Society, King's College London

Somerset House Studios


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